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Learn About Our Other Unique Ingredient: Upcol

In addition to developing and patenting the breakthrough molecule Ethocyn (which boosts elastin fiber production), in every one of our Ethocyn Essence Serums we also provide you a second skin savior: the extraordinary (and patented) ingredient UpCol.™

UpCol is a unique skincare formulation that increases collagen-1 synthesis by 65%, greatly reduces lipid peroxidation by 65%, and decreases protein carbonylation––thereby preventing cell oxidative damage. UpCol preserves the skin from cell stress (decreases edema, chromatin condensation, and apoptosis), and increases catalase activity, which reinforces the natural antioxidant defense system of the skin.


UpCol also:

 - Increases MN SOD activity by 66%

 - Increases catalase by 85%

 - Reduces melanin synthesis by 80%

 - Increases collagen-1 by 50% (twice as much as ascorbic acid)

 - Inhibits MMP-2 and MMP-9

 - Delivers pure vitamin C 50 times better than ascorbic acid

 - Decreases 8-OHdG induced by UV-A damage

 - Decreases p53 expression induced by UV-B damage

 - Protects the cells against UV-B damage better than other esters of Vitamin C


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